Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software
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Lighthouse 8 Enhancements
We're excited to introduce Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software version 8. Our latest release features all of the user-friendly data entry screens our users enjoy, with the addition of numerous enhancements. The new features are a result of feedback from our valued users. Other enhancements ensure that Lighthouse Legal Software remains an up-to-date accounting tool you will continue to trust and use with ease, no matter the size of your firm.

Some of the newest features are:
• Restructured the GL to allow for posting by branch and/or sub account
• Increased length of matter number
• Formatted Excel spreadsheets are now available for financial reports
• New routines developed to allow for the specification of formatted spreadsheets appearance
• Option to allocate cash receipts to all matters for a client
• Automatically send PDF Bills to email*
• PDF Report Queue for selected reports with automatic email distribution*
• Ability to drill down in a Formatted Financial Report to see accounts and details behind the printed line
• Export client contact information to Microsoft Outlook
• Improved handling of Journal Number Control
• Reformatted posting codes maintenance redesigned to provide tabs for GL, Tax and UTBMS assignment within one routine
• New Putaway system option allowing for batch destroy date entry
• Financial Dashboard**
• Auto complete for payee fields in cheque entry routines
• More reports have spreadsheet capability
• Added flexibility for auto bill numbering in Bill printing and client billing entry
• New feature allows for predefinition of firm expense cheques (similar to repetitive GL Journal Entries)
• New menu style available
• Increased flexibility in AP Released Amounts Entry
• Send AR Reminders to PDF with auto email*
• Matter/Client billing instructions appear on billing statement detail page
• Alternate Lawyer rates have been increased to 999
• Transfer unbilled time from one matter to another can automatically trigger rerate
• User defined fields may now be conflict searchable
• Soundex feature in Conflict checking
• New inquires for time and disbursements (billed and unbilled)
• Restructured matter/client maintenance panels - putting the client first
• New query for matters by client showing only matters for entered client in matter maintenance
• Lawyer Budget now includes chargeable hours budget
• Lawyer Statistics inquiry reformatted to show budget hours and fees with print option
• Enhanced allocation of unequal disbursement details to show additional disbursements entered in billing draft printing
• Process explorer routine allows administrators to terminate sessions (PVX+ only)
• New Time Entry Spreadsheet, allows users to enter time in a grid without tying up the regular Time Entry Journal
Disbursements can be categorized to print as 'Disbursements' or 'Other Charges' on a bill as per NSBS regulations
New Block Sundry Disbursements posting routines
Quick inquiry in Trust Receipts for checking receipts balances by bank
• New lawyer inquiries with graphical display**

• Reasonableness Tax Report - Shows taxes charged by type and jurisdiction over a range of dates
• AP Automatic Cheque Printing/Disbursement Cheque printing - generate envelopes for cheques either automatically or prompted
• Bank Reconciliation Adjustments - Enter amounts and an explanation for the adjustmnt to show on the Bank Reconciliation statement
• Trust Cheque/Trust Cheque Suspense - option to prevent printing of memo on actual cheque
• Cash Receipts - Client based receipt entry with override on payment amount per invoice
• AR Notebook Inquiry - flag clients 'In Collection'. 'Clients in collection' prompt Cash Receipts and option to not print in AR Reminders
• Time Entry Spreadsheet - import time from 'Time is Money Billing System' (third party Blackberry or iPhone time capture system)
• Cheque Line Details Inquiry - routine to display details of outstanding cheques
• Matter Maintenance - number of user defined fields increased, set either client or matter code as first field entered
• Client Maintenance - number of user defined fields increased
• Pending Matters - linked to conflict system
• Lawyer Rate Table - number of rate codes increased to be 999
• GL Operating Statement Percentages - new report that shows expenses as a percentage of total revenue
• Comparative Operating Statement - new report that allows for comparison of up to 4 different user defined periods
• Lawyer Inquiries - new inquiries showing time by day in either report or calendar format with drill down for daily details
• Lawyer Inquires - new time and billing reports with optional ability to show columns in graphical format (requires optional PxPlus Chart Control)
• Receipts Analysis Report - new report to show receipts by receipt type, with date range and receipt amount trigger
• Billing Formats - new features to allow for annual billing snapshot on bills, interim/final prompt, time summary enhancement
• Time Header Modification - Bulk edit for Bill Value adjustments

* Email routines require PVX optional module - Internet Toolkit
** Dashboard routines require PVX Optional module - Chart Control