Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software
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Accounts Payable
• Flexible selection of invoices to be paid
• Supplier inquiries and maintenance
• Easy Accounts Payable/General Ledger Setup
• Manual cheque entry
• Automatic cheque printing
• Print complete cheque including MICR characters
The Accounts Payable system is the primary tool for handling firm expenses, and as with all other accounting features, it is fully integrated. Once information is posted through the Payables routine, it becomes available to the entire system.

Lending flexibility to the Payables system, Lighthouse allows the selection of all invoices for payment, the selection of only those invoices due by a specified date, or specified individual invoices. Lighthouse also allows invoices to be paid on a partial basis. While Lighthouse offers Automatic Cheque printing, thus simplifying the invoice payment process, the Manual Cheques Entry routine enables the user to enter Cheques that have been processed manually.

Supplier information is easily accessed and maintained. The Supplier Inquiry allows management to view details about both outstanding and paid invoices at any given time. Invoices and payables adjustments can be easily made, and all transactions are tracked by audit trails.

Lighthouse offers a variety of reports and tools to aid in the management of the firm's Accounts Payables, including the following:
• Supplier Inquiry
• AP Trial Balance
• Cash Requirements Report
• Released Amounts Listing
• Credit Adjustments/Change Invoice Supplier
• Tax Credit Report
• Tax Payables Report