Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software
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Billing and Accounts Receivable
• Matter Status Inquiry with drill down for details
• Flexible pre-billing and client history reports
• Bill printing and export to word processing applications
• User defined bill formats
• Electronic Billing formats available
• Optional automatic email of PDF bills
The Billing and Accounts Receivable routines are fully integrated with all other aspects of accounting. Therefore, the Matter Status Inquiry and the Billing Statement present a snapshot of the Client's Matter, including Accounts Receivable, Trust, Disbursements, and Unbilled Time.

Lighthouse provides the user with an efficient and easy to use billings process. The Bill Printing routine allows the user to generate professional bills without using a word processor. However, export routines are available for importing billing information to MS Word or WordPerfect. Narrative maintenance, time adjustments, and disbursement adjustments may be accessed directly from the billing area. The information from the Billing Draft is automatically transferred to the Billing Entry screen. All printed bills are stored in a Matter specific folder, available for review at any time.

Management can set billing 'rules'. Should a lawyer be able to over-bill disbursements on a final bill? Are revenue postings or fees posted to the General Ledger by department based on the Billing Lawyer, the Fee Credit Lawyer, or a standard revenue account? Should the fee credits be calculated automatically or should they be manually entered? These are some of the options that may be defined with the click of a button.

Receivable reports may be printed off by Client Lawyer, Responsible Lawyer, or by Billing Lawyer. A great feature on these reports is that the Client contact and phone number are printed so that collection calls, if necessary, can be easily made. Trust Balances are also printed so lawyers can quickly see if a transfer from trust should be made to pay an account.

Receivable reminders may be printed by Client or by Matter. A unique feature of the Matter Statement is that it allows for printing reminders every day of the month – identifying only those Matters that have unpaid accounts over a user specified number of days. This reduces the traditional pile of reminders that managers or lawyers need to review to a more manageable number.
• Aged AR by Client
• AR Notebook Inquiry
• Aged AR by Lawyer
• Accounts Receivable Inquiry
• Accounts Receivable Reminders
• Matter Exceptions Report
• Inactive/Zero Balance Listing
• Lawyer AR Exceptions
• Lawyer Fee Credit Summary
• Effective Rate Listing
A few of the reports and inquiries that are offered to facilitate the management of Fee Billing and Accounts Receivable are: