Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software
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Clients and Matters
• Client 'Idendification documents' retrieval
• User defined fields based on law categories
• 'Soundex' Conflict System checking
• Contact information database
• Third party billing
• Pending Matters/Clients database
Creating new Matters and Clients is fast and easy. Matter numbers and Client codes may be system generated or user entered. If an operator is attempting to post a transaction to a new Matter and the Matter has not yet been setup, a press of a button will take them directly to Matter/Client Maintenance (if security access rights have been given to the operator). This feature reduces the amount of time spent posting transactions.

One powerful feature of the Client Maintenance routine is the link to the Conflict System. If a new Client is about to be entered, the system allows the operator to do a conflict search before the Client is setup. This feature will reduce the possibility of conflicts and will also alert the operator if the Client already exists in the system.

Clients and Matters may be defined to have lawyer-specific rates based on an actual dollar amount or a percentage of the lawyer's standard fee. If the rate/percentage applies to all lawyers in the firm, a click of a button is all that is required.

Want to mail letters to new Clients, welcoming them to your firm? Using the mail merge features of Lighthouse, this task is completed with ease. Lighthouse has routines that allow the operator to transfer the data of new Clients and Matters to your word processing application. Build letters, labels, or invitations using the data found in your accounting database.

Another time saving feature of Lighthouse is the Name Search, which is associated with all entry routines. If an operator cannot remember a Matter number or Client code, but does know part of the Client name or part of the Matter name (or both), the Name Search will display all matches to their search and will then transfer the applicable data to the entry screen. Additionally, a Name Search performed outside of a data entry routine will copy all Client and Matter address information to the Windows Clipboard for pasting to another application.
Reports and routines offered to aid Client and Matter Maintenance include the following:
• Matter Alpha Listing
• Open Matter Listing
• New Files Opened Report
• New Clients Report
• Create Client or Matter merge files
• Matter Information Sheet
• Clients without Matters Report
• Cancelled Clients Listing
• Matter Closing Inquiry
• Closed Files Transaction List
• Closed Files to be Removed List
• New Clients Report