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Management Reporting
• Wide variety of standard reports
• Send to screen, spreadsheet or printer
• Security settings give administrators control over who sees what
One of the main benefits of Lighthouse is the management reporting available. Have you ever asked questions like:
• Which files are carrying high amounts of unbilled WIP and disbursements?
• Which files have not been worked on for a given time period?
• How much time, in hours and dollars, has a lawyer posted in the current year? In the previous year?
• How many more billable hours are required for a lawyer to meet their budget amount?
• Is a lawyer quickly approaching the amount of the fee quoted to the client with the value of unbilled time on file and fees billed?
• What is the accounts receivable balance for all matters that a large client may have? Has a retainer been taken on any of those matters?
Using the wide range of Management Reports available, Administrators can identify these potential problems and provide answers to these questions quickly and easily.

Want to know what the report looks like? Using the Online Help, the user can view a snapshot of the report format and the details it includes.

All reports can be viewed on the screen - allowing users to do their part to save the environment, as well as saving Firm time and money.

Although third party products are available to generate reports, most users choose to have custom reports developed to address their specific needs. Contact us directly, or send a request via the Wish List to our development department if you need something new.