Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software
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Transaction Processing
• Easy to understand input screens
• All transactions assigned unique journal based audit number
• Journal updates automatically saved for review purposes
Posting of transactions in Lighthouse is simple and intuitive. Entry screens are easy to read and understand - users spend less time learning how to use Lighthouse and more time using it. Each transaction is assigned a unique transaction number - this makes tracking down entries a very simple process.

Postings that affect the General Ledger are completely integrated. There's no need to post transactions to matters and then post Journal Entries to the General Ledger. Lighthouse does it all, simply and easily.

Input screens have queries, name lookups, and related inquiry routines available with the click of a button. Screen formats have been designed for maximum speed of data entry - an important consideration in a busy practice.

Let us show you how using Lighthouse can streamline your office procedures.

Reports and routines associated with Transaction Processing include the following:
• Electronic Cheque Requisitions
• General Cheques
• Trust Cheques
• Cash Receipts
• Trust Receipts
• Petty Cash
• Sundry Disbursements
• Time Entry
• Recoverable Disbursements import from third party applications