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Version 8

Version 8, with its redesigned General Ledger, updated email routines, and even more features, is now shipping. Contact us to schedule your upgrade.

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New Member of the Lighthouse Community

We would like to welcome the law firm of Brenton Kean of Saint John. This firm of 7 lawyers converted to Lighthouse because of the quality of the support, excellent reputation in their region, and its excellent value.

Converting the data was key to their selection of moving to Lighthouse. Data was converted Friday evening, and they went 'live' on Monday morning.
Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software is an integrated accounting and management package designed specifically for the legal community.

Lighthouse, with its comprehensive and diverse feature set, allows law firms to easily and effectively manage all aspects of their business.

Consistency of data entry is evident throughout the application. Users are up to speed quickly, as online help, inquiries, and table lookups are readily available. Therefore, the time spent learning the application is minimal, an important issue in a busy practice.

If you would like:
• Personalized Service
• To be treated as an individual, instead of one of thousands
• To speak to someone who understands your business
then support from DL Fullerton Programming and Consulting Incorporated is for you!

If your firm has between 5 and 50 lawyers, then Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software is the product for you!
Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software
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