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DL Fullerton Programming and Consulting Incorporated
(DLFPCI) was founded in 1997, with the mandate of providing legal clients in Atlantic Canada and Ontario a migration path for their Canterbury Legal Accounting Software.

With 30 years of experience, our business focuses on solutions based in the Business Basic environment - most notably PxPlus from PvxPlus Technologies. Graphical applications can be developed for networks running with servers running on Windows or Linux operating systems.

Our mission is to provide professional client support that is second to none. This support will be provided at a reasonable price. We will provide our clients effective, effecient, and timely solutions for their data processing requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the products and services we offer, please contact us.

DL Fullerton Programming & Consulting Inc.
91 Lakewood Drive • Brookside NS B3T 1S5 • Canada
Tel. 902-852-5225 • Fax 902-852-1115 • Toll Free 866-303-8488


DL Fullerton Programming and Consulting Incorporated specializes in turnkey conversions for law firms. We have experience converting from the following applications:

• ESI-Law
• Manac
• PCLaw
• Tabs
• e-Quinox
• Acumin


Conversions from other accounting packages would require a review from a conversion specialist.

A History Of Lighthouse

With a heritage that dates back to the late 1970's, Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software has stood the test of time. Originally developed for MAI Basic Four mini computers, the accounting package was one of the first products developed in Canada for the legal community that was easy to use. Eventually, the product evolved into Canterbury Legal Accounting Software with installations across Canada, the majority being found in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

Throughout the 1990's, development of new, application wide, features were minimal, due to changes in ownership and lack of management direction in regards to the Canterbury product. Due to an uncertainty about the direction of Canterbury, and in response to clients in Atlantic Canada who wished to continue to use the product, we began the migration of Canterbury to a new graphical environment in the summer of 1997. The result was Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software - a year 2000 compliant, Windows based application.

In May of 2004, DL Fullerton Programming and Consulting Incorporated acquired the entire rights to Canterbury and Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software as well as the entire client base using the software. Today, Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software is used in firms ranging in size from sole practitioners to larger multi-branch firms that may be fround from Manitoba to Nova Scotia.

DLFPCI continues with new development for Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software. Recognizing that end users are an integral part of the development process, we welcome them as members of a team focused on the enhancement of their office procedures. For further information on how Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software can help your firm, contact us - you'll be glad you did.

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DL Fullerton Programming & Consulting Inc.

91 Lakewood Drive
Brookside NS B3T 1S5
Phone: (902) 852-5225
Fax: (902) 852-1115
Toll Free: (866) 303-8488